Sunday, April 11, 2010

In with a birthday, out with a lion

After April Fools, comes Luke's birthday. Wow, my baby is 4! I actually like the feeling of not having any babies! I feel like a veteran mom which is nice. All those wild and sleepless baby-nights are gone. (For the most part, they all still interrupt my sleep, but its better than with babies.)

So we took Luke to the zoo for our first visit of the season. We have a pass and I am really excited for those nice afternoons when I can just take the kids over to the zoo and enjoy the day without spending any money. Turns out it was super cold out! But we had a fun time anyway.
Last year this tiger was Luke's best friend. We were shocked when it came right up to the window and nuzzled him through the glass. This year we realized this is just how this friendly tiger is. Loves to show off to his guests.



You may recall last summer a blog post about a spraying lion...So the kids found a nook to hide in to avoid any issues again...However, Erick was not fast enough! Bwahahahaha....I also got a video of these crazy lions roaring...This was such a fun zoo visit, I think because it was only the 2nd day the zoo was open, and we were there right at the beginning, all the animals were active and moving around. Plus it was cold, not hot. Too bad we were all frozen.

Happy Birthday to Lukie! We love you big guy!

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