Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going Home

I had to make a last minute trip to my hometown yesterday to help out our last family member left in that city. :) One by one our family members seem to be leaving the Hoosier state. Was it something we said?

The kids were excited to see their Uncle James and give him hugs and wish him well as he leaves for Utah... which is kind of like leaving one home to go to another. Utah is home for the Henrie side of our family.

I always get nostalgic when I go home, and Im sure I've blogged about it before. This time it was fun to have the kids be a bit older. They appreciated every time I said, oh I went to school there, I used to live there, Grandpa lived there, etc... We got to make a couple last minute plans with some friends. I love friends who are willing to just let me and my brood into their home, run wild and make messes, and really treat us like family. Thanks to both my friends for being so sweet to us!

I realized the value of good friends and wonderful blessings that come from blogging and social media! I have a friend who I have gotten know better than when we lived in the same town through blogging and that's so cool! I also realize its so worthwhile to maintain and work at friendships even from long distances! I love my friends.

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Emily said...

I totally had a great time with you! I wish we would have hung out more when you actually lived here! But glad we do have technology.... You're welcome anytime.