Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Emily!

Recently I met with a friend and we chatted and talked blog. Don't you love it when you can talk about how passionate and serious you are about your blog and not feel like a dork? Some people don't get it, and so, you feel dumb going on and on about your blog and all your friends and the person you are talking to looks lost...

Anyway, Emily, this post is for you because you didn't look lost. :)

You can add tabs/navigation/pages on your blog now. (Blogger is calling them pages) Its a newer feature, and I saw something about it on blogger and only today sort of figured it out.

  1. Log in to your blogger account.
  2. Click the design tab (used to be the layout tab).

  3. Under the Header bar, there should be a long narrow bar/box that says add a gadget. Click add a gadget.

  4. The box that opens has a list of various gadgets you can add. Most likely you are familiar with these already if you have any kind of stuff on your side bar. Click Pages (NEW!).

  5. The box that opens, doesn't make a ton of sense, you should see that blogger set you up a page that says Home. Cool. So far so good. Close that box.

  6. Click the Posting tab.

  7. Click Edit Pages. (See that option, third one in I think... you probably would have missed it).

  8. Click New Page. This will let you set up a different page such as: about me, contact me, My Fave Links, etc... Choose the name for your page, dont forget to SAVE.

  9. These new pages will show up as very simple buttons across the top of your blog. And if clicked, will take you to the different pages you created.

  10. You can look at mine. They are up there. Basically placeholders while I continue to figure it out.

So, I still haven't figured out what/how I want to post on these various pages, but I know I want to organize my posts better. I shall keep you posted as I continue to figure this out. I want to know how to put posts into these various pages... anyone figure that part out yet? Let me know.

Hope this gets you started Emily. Let me know if you have troubles. :)


Emily said...

Sweeeeet! I'll have to pay more attention to this. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I've been at girls camp, but now I'm so excited to do this! Thanks so much! You're the BEST!!!!

Emily said...

Very very cool. I was just playing around. Only thing is, my long bar that says 'add page element' is at the very end of my blog and won't move up. Is that because of the layout i have??? I love your new page. It looks so cute.

Emily said...

ok, ok, i figured it out.