Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Today you can check out my thrifty idea over at Scrap Tiffany. Here's a peek:

In other news, this is what I have been doing in all my free time:

Making Ella skirts is my new fave past time! Thanks to some friends, a few online tutorials, and dormant sewing skills, I've been dabbling in some fun fabrics. My plan is to make some cute stuff until my machine breaks down, then I will upgrade! The black and red skirt was fabrics from the thrift store and remnant section of the Goodwill. The light colored twirl skirt was $1.5o fabric from Walmart. Works for me. Works for Ella. Lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

The skirts look great!! So cute!!

dalla said...

lovely skirt becca.i love to sew current projects are peasant dress n baju kurung.