Friday, September 17, 2010


Our Internet was down for 24 looonnnggg hours.... whew. But we are back up and running now. It must have been the week for issues, because Scrap Tiffany had some issues too, and so there was a delay in posting some challenges and then I forgot on top of that. So, even tho its a tad late: This week was all about the scrap lift... I chose to lift this super cute card made by my pal Tricia.
(see her cute watermark? I made that.)

and here is my card:
And in other super special news... Last weekend our family celebrated a very special event.
Sweet Jed was baptized as a member into The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In our church we believe that we can all choose to be baptized, and the age where we are old enough to decide is the age of 8. We are so proud of Jed and his decision. It was a wonderful program and special day for us all. If you want to know more about Mormons and baptisms, check out this site, or this one... (Ella is not in this picture because she was hanging out with other people, and I was running late, and we tried to have Luke not in the picture, but he wanted to be there.)



Kelly said...

I believe Ella was chatting with my kids. She is such a social butterfly.

Congrats to Jed. It was a nice program. Thanks for inviting us. (We still would have come even if we didn't get an initiation.)

Michelle said...

Love the butterflies on your scraplifted card.

That stinks about the intenet going out, I would be lost without it.