Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Luke is funny

This morning I told Luke he had an eye booger in his eye. He suggested that perhaps while he was picking his nose a booger flew up and got stuck in his eye. I think that might be exactly what happened.

So, we have a ton of snow on the ground, more is coming down now, and Ella stayed home sick today. Tomorrow I have to give not 1, but 2 presentations to my peers, we call it Jury. All the professors in the dept come in and ask questions about the projects we present. Its like, 4 hours of sitting there. Im trying to tell myself to go early on, so I dont have to feel nervous for hours. Plus, I have two final projects due the same night. Then I have a final exam on Saturday morning. Ugh. Why is the home stretch the longest?

Incidentally, I googled home stretch for an image, and found this little duck. hmm. When I was a kid my parents told me the gunk in my eyes after a sleep was called ducky poop.

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Tricia said...

Eye boogers is what we call it too