Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where to Start?

Getting behind in blogging is like getting behind in bills, its soooo hard to catch up! Not that I have any experience in either of those things...

Finals are done. The end of my semester was brutal. brutal. Thrown to the wolves brutal. But its ok now. The home stretch is here, beginning in January is the beginning of the end, and then the beginning of the beginning. Its a vicious cycle.

I have SO much to blog about. I have no clue where to start. Tomorrow is the kids last day of school for the year. Mixed emotions as most moms have I am sure. Yay to not having to get kids dressed and out the door on time, but since my kids dont sleep in, big whoop. At least we can stay in pj's for a while longer. No homework to get done, yay!! But mediating between my three nearly-triplets is not fun. I say nearly-triplets, even though they are not... but they are starting to merge into one single age. Did you know the median age of my children is 6.1? So see, I have 3 six year olds. Feels like it.

Ok. Sidebar much.

Some cool news for all you scrappers out there... All three of the design teams I am on are coming to end of term. 2 have calls going on right now!!! These are such great groups of women, with wonderful networking opportunities and creative inspiration. If you are looking to be a part of the online inspiration, consider these places.

Sassy Lil Sketches - new forum and gallery check it out!!!
ScrapFit - also under new ownership, which is fun and exciting as well!

Enough words... Some pics:

My card for the 14th over at Sassy Lil Sketches:
Go see their sketch, and play along for a chance at some prizes!!
My project for Workout #34 at ScrapFit:
(this challenge was more holiday focused, but I broke the rules due my lack of images and this project really needed to be done... oh well. we all rebel now and then, right?) Go play along for a chance at a prize!!!

My project for the "girl power" challenge at ScrapTiffany:
SOOOOO much inspiration there! Go visit!
So, lots of scrappy goodness, family chaos, and fun to be had. The holidays are upon us, and Erick and I might actually get most of our shopping done before Christmas Eve this year.

Like my little pillow box above? Santa came early for me. I think it has something to do with finals, and a few tears... but I got a Silhouette SD for Christmas! And I have been lucky enough to play with it already! LOVE the thing! (Its a paper cutter, it cut and perforated the pillow box, and works with my Mac, and Im totally happy with it!)

And if my post is going to be this long, I better show some pictures of my children...

Luke and Ella put the Christmas tree together for us. Awesome!
BIG NEWS! Jed got his Bobcat patch for Cub scouts! He's doing really awesome, and I feel very strongly that this program is going to do wonders for him over the years. They only have a super small pack, but thats ok, works for him.
Oh, and Luke is the biggest ham I know...well, besides Erick I guess.



Melissa said...

That is so nice that the kids put up the tree for you!! Sweet!! Luke is a doll!

scrapwordsmom said...

Have a wonderful Holiday, Becca! And I can only imagine having three 6 year olds. Oh boy!!!;)

McVic said...

Becca- Funny you posted this- I have 4 kids age 1/2/13/15 and I feel you! I was thinking nearly the same thing but all my kiddos can fit into the 2yr old age range most days.. teen years are not so fun. Hope you have a wonderful winter break!

dalla said...

Merry Christmas Becca!

Vcky13 said...

Jed looks so grown up in his Cub shirt!!!