Friday, June 24, 2011

Know your candidate!

These are amazing times in our country! We are truly lucky to be a part of the political process and to be given the opportunity to make choices and vote/voice our opinions. Today I hemmed and hawed over whether to even try to take the kids to a local event where my man Mitt would be visiting. I am so glad we made the quick drive to the little dive where he gave a motivating speech to a few hundred of us. The kids were super hot and complained the whole time! But thats ok, they were there. Later I showed them the media footage of his speech and said, guys, you were just a part of history! Think of the story you get to tell after he wins the election in 2012!!

And yes, I was looking to see if we made any footage, almost, but not! Darn!! We should have brought our fun-noodles! No one had any signs. The one heckler was really nuts about Mitt and was sort of annoying in this small town event. Oh well. I felt like Mitt really delivered his speech well, was comfortable and I liked what he had to say. Oh and he's super handsome in real life! I also loved the way he looked at his wife. They are too cute.

I took a little video while he was talking, and you can hear Jed say, "can we go yet??" And me say, "In a minute!" all irritated. :)

I have made a conscious decision to be more active in the voting process and to try to know more about the candidates, the current president, and make a choice on who I want to take America back! I hope you will do the same!

Romney for the Economy!


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Nancy said...

Thanks for posting that! If he gets the GOP nod I'll be campaigning for him like a crazy person. (I'm Emily's mom)

scrapwordsmom said...

Boy do we NEED a CHANGE in our Country!! Go Mitt!!:)