Saturday, July 16, 2011

I should blog more.

I should blog more. I am actually thinking about it and feeling it more than I have in a while...things like, hey that would make a good blog post. So hopefully I will 'be a better blogger' for the rest of the summer. We will see. Life is sure dang busy.

The last week or so I have been busy with the kids and my beloved! Its so nice to have Erick home. 5 months without him was too long for everyone. He is my new Manny. (Man Nanny) He makes me lunch for work each day and tends to the kids all day while I work. I actually dont mind it and if I made more money I think that would actually be pretty cool most of the time. I still miss those mommy kinds of things that I am so good at...but for now its actually a refreshing break for me and also for Erick after many a month of hard work out at his job. He's busy job hunting and hopefully things will keep progressing and changing for us, all for the better!

Let me tell you briefly what we did for the 4th of July...I took the kids over to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple lawn, where we sat on a big blanket and watched the entire Salt Lake Valley light up with fireworks! It was a lovely sight to behold! I am excited to do it again on July 24th when here in Utah the state gets excited for Pioneer Day!

I will dig out my camera and take pics too!



scrapwordsmom said...

Looking forward to MORE blog posts. Becca!! I was at the Temple for it's Open you live in those beautiful houses? Gorgeous neighborhoods!!:)

Virginia Collinwood said...

Lovely post Becca! I look forward to reading more entries :)

I have also been feeling more bloggy as of late. Though every time I go to start one, it ends up as a draft and sits for days because I lost my train of thought, or "oh... oops I have to get back to work now" type moment hehe.

Love you ever so much,

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

We were in SL for the 4th as well. I couldn't believe how many big fireworks there were. Awesome!! I am so glad to hear that Erick is back again. Yippee Skippee for not having to be across the country anymore, that is so hard.