Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pespective, a year later.

Last January, I was preparing for a big change in our family. We had decided we wanted to move to Utah. Only, I got really antsy and didnt want to wait for the time frame Erick thought made sense. So by February, I was rushing across the country, with my 3 kids in tow and the dog.

As the anniversary of that decision is here, I find myself reflecting A LOT on that experience. I had intended to use my blog as a place to record and remember...only, life as a working mom without Erick around proved to wear me out so I didnt have a lot of time for blogging. boo. It was a year of amazing growth for me as an individual, and for Erick and I as a couple, and for the 5 of us as a family.

Last year, I blogged:

In this new year, I look forward to shifting my focus from stressful and unhealthy self-doubt, discouragement, and negative thoughts, to working toward a life full of promise, love and confidence in myself.

Last year's blog post on Perspective, here.

Its interesting to read that today. When I think about my experiences over the past year, I can see where I was pushed to get past self-doubt {You have to when you are the sole care-giver for your children, you have to just make decisions, no second guessing!}. There has not been a lot of room for discouragement and negative thoughts, though the trial was there. {Life was lonely everyday without my best friend by my side  - Erick was apart for 6 months - People questioned and criticized our decisions} But we pushed on. Our reunion as a family was full of joy and happiness.

This part of our family journey is not done. We are still working things out and rebuilding a life. But its been wonderful! The challenges seem like such a small price to pay for the reward. A job for Erick that he enjoys and feels confident and important, the kids and me, working on our relationships with each other each day.

When I look back on the trip here: driving 24 hours with the kids in 3 days, at one point in a real blizzard, with zero visibility, its a miracle the kids were content and cooperative! But we endured, and pushed through rough times. I realize that things are so good right now, that I forget that these good times are the result of fervent prayers and faith that all would be well.

This year, I want to continue my commitment to living a life that is stronger, more confident, and and fulfilling. Both for myself and my family as a whole. Here's to another great year!


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scrapwordsmom said...

Becca, This is a great post. I really admire what you did. Dave and I have wanted to move to Utah...just completely start over and do it!! But we prayed about it and know that this place is home. We are starting over in a way, too. We shut our biz down and will be starting a new one eventually.

Like you I have prayed through it all and know the Heavenly Father is right here leading and guiding us all the way!!

Happy New Year!!!