Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Patriots, Politics, and Parents

I was raised by patriots. True, good ole, hard working patriotic parents. We flew our flag on holidays, my dad served in the Army during war time, and my mom taught me how to file my own taxes when I was 15. 

I am disappointed in the turn America is taking. I recently flew out to Indiana to visit with my dad and while in the airport, while taking off my shoes and standing vulnerably in a full body scanner, all I could think was, "those terrorists are laughing at us." Seriously. 

Is the media really going to crab and complain and pick on Mitt Romney's taxes? Really? 

1. He paid taxes. Thats more than some people living in America do. 

2. He earned a shitload of money...good for him! Uh...considering the debt this country is in, I would much rather have an intelligent business man doing the country's budget and overseeing finances than the guy spending money we Americans DONT have now. Just think if Mitt applies his knowledge of economics to our government's money like he does his own!!?? Shazam! 

3. Celebrities give tons of money to charity to reap the tax benefits all the time! 

4. If you dont think Mitt should have applied various tax laws and loopholes to hang on to his money, then dont claim your Child Tax Credit, or EIC, or itemize your medical expenses. Cause I am pretty sure we all try to hang on to our money too!

The whole point of living the good American life, is to do what you want, exercise freedom and make your own choices based on the opportunities you seek out. I dont know when we got lost and forgot the meaning of hard work, and a day's earned wages. This is not the country of handouts and laziness... or at least it wasnt when I was being raised...

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