Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mountains of Fish

Today was so fun! We packed up the kids and the car and drove up the mountain to fish and enjoy the view. Then tonight Erick baked us some 'fresh off the mountain' trout. It was delish! I've been waiting 13 years for erick to cook me some Utah fish. The experience did not disappoint!

Ella has proven to be our little fish eater...she's ok to give them all names-then eat them!

We are looking forward to exploring all the community ponds and fun areas around the valley to fish this summer. This was such a great family day, and part of the whole reason we chose to come here to Utah. These photos dont lie, it really is beautiful here.

Luke, just as the sun is rising... He is my sunshine!

We went early, so Ella was pretty cold... She's a beauty, and so is that view!

We drove up the mountain a little, until we thought my little Ford couldnt take anymore, breathtaking.

My 3 big catches! And some fish... who caught the most? Me! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous fish! Jealous!