Friday, June 29, 2012

Growing Up.

Luke is my best pal! Here he is being totally adorable after his Kindergarten concert the last week of school. Yesterday was his last day of kindergarten. What a change from where we started. He had such an adorable class, a bunch of cute kids, lots of girls who Luke managed to dazzle with his cuteness.

When he ran out from school yesterday I felt a burst of emotions, my little buddy, all done being little. He will go to school all day in just 4 short weeks. (These summers are SHORT).

We are looking forward to the fun and excitement of a new school. I get nervous...I hate how many times I had to change schools in elementary school, so I worry about them going to a new place...This will be Jed's third school in 4 years. Guilt! But the kids seem excited, not worried, and I think they know the change will do us good.

Here's hoping we enjoy our short and sweet summer. All the kids want to do is go to our tiny neighborhood pool. Im game. My plan is the pool all morning (never crowded!), and movies and naps in the afternoon!!

Here is Luke on his first day of Kindergarten last fall. I was still working, so Erick was doing the school duty routine. We've finally found our groove I think.


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