Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Utah Family!

Moving to Utah last year meant saying good bye to our Indiana family...basically, my side of the family. It was quite sad and we miss my family very much! But the move was eased by the opportunity to also get to know other family out here, Erick's side of the fam. 

I didnt blog much last year, while Erick was in Indiana and I was here. I was very busy working and living life as a temporary single mom. It was tough! But for a time, I was working full time, and the kids were going to a day care place right by their school. Due to a major language barrier and what I will call "personality conflicts" we had to pull the kids out of there. I was a mess, as I couldnt find anywhere else for the kids to go. My sister in law Julie stepped in, and took my kids everyday with open arms. She literally saved my sanity and I am forever in her debt.

Below is a pic of Ella and her Aunt Julie. Ella loves hanging with Julie for many reasons. (Of course Jed and Luke have a blast with her and her family too!)

1. Julie is super fun! - think makeup, doing hair, taking kids to endless parks, fruit snacks, IKEA, etc...
2. Julie is petite, Jed is almost her height. Yet she packs a punch and brings a happy, joyful attitude to all she does.
3. Julie has a brand new little baby and Ella gets to hold him!
4. Besides a new little baby, Julie has 2 adorable little boys that my kids just love hanging out with.
5. Julie comes from my hometown, so I love that us Indiana girls married charming Utah brothers! We get to understand all things "MidWest" together.

Here is Luke with his cousin James, Julie's oldest. We were so lucky this school year that James and Luke both got to be in the same kindergarten class! They are almost done with the school year, and it will be such a bummer that they not only dont get to be in the same class, we have to change schools! Hopefully they will always remember their first year of elementary school together! 

This is just a glimpse of the fun we have with our Utah family! Hopefully in the coming weeks I can remember to document all the fun we have and memories we make while enjoying this beautiful state.


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