Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend Fun

I started taking photos of the kids every Fathers Day. Erick has really liked each picture, especially comparing it to the year before. Last year, I was lame and didnt do one! And Erick was even still in Indiana all by himself and I didn't take one of the kids. Boo. Mom Fail.
Here is a pic from 2 years ago...

And below is a pic from this year...though I am going to re-do them. This round was not a pleasant experience for anyone, so I associate this cute photo with all the drama that went on behind the scenes. Note Jed's leaning away from his sister and his smile that screams, "mom, you never understand me!!" Plus the hole in the pants...awesome.

Overall, the weekend was a lot of fun! The kids and I did some gift shopping, and Erick loved all his fun gifts. The kids were really thoughtful and seem to know just what to get. 

Then we filled our weekend with tons of activities. We took the kids mini golfing...twice! Went to a movie, and had dinner out a couple times, including desserts! Saturday night we met Ericks family - parents, sister, brothers and their families - at mini golf for a super fun night. The kids all ran around and had a great time! 


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scrapwordsmom said...

YOur kids are growing up and so dang cute!!