Thursday, June 7, 2012

Neighborhood Drama

I think Im a nice person. I do. I have some friends. I smile sometimes. I admit Im a little snarky, sarcastic, and moody, but Im kinda ok being that way. And it kinda comes in handy once in a while.

That said; when a 22 yr old woman, long dark hair, nice smile, tatoos up and down the arms, with a super tall cousin knocked on my door today, I was surprised by the turn of events. Her attitude/spiel was; I just found out today that I have to knock on doors for a fundraiser, never doing this again, blah blah, can you buy a magazine or give me cash? Im a cheerleader for a local team and we are going to Florida!

I politely looked at her list, listened and wished her luck. But declined to buy, because A - I didnt feel like it! B - we dont need a lot of magazines ( Just checked some out from the library last night), C - I didnt feel like it! Her cousin chimed in with "you could buy them and send them to childrens hospitals!" I replied, "Great idea! No Thanks!" The solicitor replied with something like; "everyone thinks its a great cause, says good luck, and no one buys anything!" While walking away, added "F*&$ you".

What?? I said, "Hey! This is my home and talking like that is not going to get you any sales. Not everyone is going to say yes. Keep knocking, keep asking, and good luck. You dont need to talk to people like that." Erick happens to be working from home today, so he came up behind me. I turned to him and said, "she's swearing at me!" She denied it. He told her we dont want any soliciting and to leave our property. She smarted off something to him about calling the cops. Dont tempt me girl!

I got so flustered and was shocked that she was even like that, that I dont think I could recount the incident to the police if I tried. The irony of her being a cheerleader cracks me up!

So I think Im going to make a sign:

I love that one! I have a little guilt, because being LDS means I know we have thousands of LDS missionaries out there, knocking on doors and I want them to find those people looking for truth and answers... but Im pretty sure they dont swear at people who turn them away-even the ones who swear at them.

So, today I am super grateful that Erick is home. He's my muscle, and Im not afraid to use him. (Though he is actually WAY nicer than I am.)

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