Saturday, November 23, 2013

Peek A Boo.

I should blog. But really. Facebook transformed my ability to blog into facebook posts. Sorry blogger. I won't even say I'm going to try harder. I am just going to think about trying.

I have actually had this blog post forming in my head the last few days. I didn't feel like putting it on Facebook because that's a different audience.

I'm thinking about my little girl lately. Though, she's 9. Not so little.

She's in a musical. Not just in a musical, has a lead part. She amazes me. She is fearless and brave, and smart and sassy, and funny and entertaining. She is mostly Erick, and his mom, with a few streaks of my emotions here and there. She is blazing a trail through life. Sometimes she does things and I feel embarrassed. Not because she is embarrassing-but because if I did those things at her age, I would have felt embarrassed. I am glad she is not this way.

She was a peer model back in preschool. She was surrounded by classmates with special needs. She was the example of appropriate behavior. She did very well, had fun, and made some fun little friends. At the little age of 4, I had a teacher of hers tell me, "Someday someone will break her spirit. She will eventually be told to be quiet. So it will be good for her to learn that now, there is a time and a place for noise." This teacher was trying to help. Sort of a warning, sort of advice, sort of cautionary information. I wasn't bothered. But I never forgot.

I am so grateful for this opportunity that Ella has now. I believe this sort of creative, loud, attention grabbing outlet is exactly what will keep her giant spirit alive. No crushing of spirits here. Only encouragement, love, and support. She's not too concerned with being the best. She enjoys all the elements of being in a production: the music, dancing, new friends, and going to practices. She doesn't seem to get overly tired. She has even moved into taking constructive criticism incredibly well. She didn't at first. But now she does.

I hope I can help her keep this going. I hope I can help encourage her to find those things that bring her joy. I once was brave. I once enjoyed performing. Now I enjoy watching her be amazing. And fearless. Always fearless. (Except at waterparks)


scrapwordsmom said...

And you should be sooo proud!!! What a talent!!!!

becca said...

Thanks Leslie!