Thursday, May 24, 2007


Ok, so I did get a lot done yesterday. I got the garage ok for the van to be pulled in and but some boxes back up. I need to decide if I want to sell some stuff on ebay or just in the paper. You can place an ad for any item under $100 for free.... oohh I bet I can do that online. I think I will check that out today. I still need to make some phone calls.

Ok so that was boring. I labeled this post ambitions because I have been thinking about my own lately. I have a great opportunity to get a degree so I feel like I need to take advantage of that. But I have no idea really what to do... I have considered many things. I have considered just a general degree for the sake of getting one... but I also love the idea of a more specific degree. I could even get an online degree. so much to think about. Erick gave me really good advice yesterday to research the options fully, then decide if I can make that commitment. It is at least really fun to think about!!

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Stephanie said...

I admire you if you do go to school. Ian keeps telling me to finish up my 20 credits so I can get my degree. Maybe when the kids are in school...